Yoga 96-inch Strap

Yoga 96-inch Strap Yoga strap will deepen your practice by extending your reach Fitness accessory intensifies the shoulder stretch in twists Yoga strap allows you to modify poses and accommodate your level of flexibility Available in purple, natural and navy color options Measures 1.5 inches wide x 96 inches long

Wai Lana Green™ Bamboo Yoga Block

Wai Lana Green™ Bamboo Yoga Block Helps deepen challenging poses and maintain proper alignment Made from ecologically sustainable bamboo* Sturdy. durable. and elegant *Bamboo is fast-growing and ready to harvest in 4 to 5 years. compared to 30 to 50 years for typical lumber trees.When harvested. bamboo's extensive root systems stay alive and the stands regenerate. preventing erosion. preserving soil quality. improving watersheds. and avoiding other problems caused by clear-cut logging.Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen per acre than hardwood trees and absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide. a gas blamed for global warming. (3.5"H x 5.5"W x 8.75"L)

The Benefits of Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork is a renewable, sustainable material which has a firmness not found in foam blocks, and it allows you to feel secure in the support it provides.

Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

Our cork block is made of sustainable cor material. It is extremely durable, stable and solid. The natural texture provides extra traction while the rounded corners and edges provide comfort and support during poses.

Was: $24.49 Now: $19.95

You can also feel good about the manufacture of our blocks, knowing there are no toxic chemicals produced in their harvesting and manufacturing.